About Epixo

Epixo was born to create a platform for remarkable puzzle motives hard to find anywhere else and allow artists, photographers, and design makers to create puzzles from their unique artworks and photos, and bring more originality to the already existing jigsaw puzzle world.  

To give an opportunity to all creative people to introduce their art or photography and bring them to the homes of a wider audience on a jigsaw puzzle. To create an unforgettable connection between their art and the people.

 The platform where you can sell and buy puzzles and discover the one & only puzzle designs. To get inspired and to find all imaginable jigsaw puzzles in one place.  

Do you prefer art, nature, and animals to all abstract and challenging modern puzzle designs? Don't worry, we have it all covered.

Epixo is the only unique place to find all this. 

Apart from standard designs, you can find really challenging brain teasers and create a collection of beautiful jigsaw puzzles for the whole family and enjoy the fun for hours.

Take a glance into the world of jigsaw puzzles by creating your own kingdom. Find out which motifs you really enjoy and which can draw you into this magic world of jigsaw puzzles, where time flies.

All jigsaw puzzles are produced by Venus Puzzle, a premium jigsaw puzzle manufacturer with more than 12 years of experience in puzzle production and more than 400 000 units sold worldwide.